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Golf Log Pocket Notebook

With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in a Golf Log Pocket Notebook. This handy tool is small enough to fit in your pocket and features space to log important information such as course details, score, and notes on your game. It is great for golfers looking to track their progress and improvement as the weather gets warmer and they start to play more frequently. The Golf Log Pocket Notebook is a great way to reflect on your performance and make adjustments to improve your game. It can also be an essential tool for someone who just wants to keep track of their golfing adventures. The Golf Log Pocket Notebook is a great option for anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level this spring.

Pocket golf log fits easily in your back pocket

Fits in your back pocket.

The Golf Log fits nicely in your golf bag so you'll always have it along with you when you're ready to play a quick 9 or a full 18. With its compact size, you can keep it in your back pocket or stick it on your cart's steering wheel.

Always know which club to use.

With the included club distances located just inside the front cover, you'll always have an idea on which club you need to grab. Just starting out? There's a general guide to get you started. Once you start to play more and learn what your abilities are, you can write in your own distances.

Write down your club gapping, or use the chart to reference the average male and female distances.

Keep track of all aspects of your game from: hole yardage, par, strokes, puts, fareway in regulation, green in regulation, and course details

Keep track of everything from that day.

The Golf Log provides space to record all sorts of information from that days round. Things like: Which course you played, the weather, date, time, green fees, fairway in regulation, green in regulation, and if you played the front or back 9 only. Playing with a group of 4? Write in their names and keep score in place of Yards, Par, Strokes, and Putts.

Carefully thought through.

The Golf Log has been designed for efficiency while on the course. There can be pressure for those starting out to keep the game moving, and with several games of trial and error, the Golf Log has been designed to keep the game moving.

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